Presents: Dating in 2012


The dating world has proven to be a whirlwind for singles this year – for celebrities and everyday people alike! We at compiled the most compelling trends and statistics tied to the biggest highs and lows of relationships this year. For starters, 64%* of singles reported that their top New Year’s resolution will be to find new love in 2013 and nearly 1/3 of younger singles reported they’ve reconnected with the same ex over three times – Bieber and Gomez are on track to beat the odds!

So what’s causing couples to split — celebrities and everyday people alike — and how are they adjusting to singlehood post-separation? Using findings from our 2012 “Singles In America” study, we found the top reasons singles are breaking up and just how they recover. Check out our list of the Top 12 Celebrity Shake-Ups of 2012, as well as all of our findings on singles’ breakup and make up behaviors below! Reveals the Ups and Downs of Dating Behavior of 2012 

The Top 12 Celebrity Shake-ups of 2012

The Guide to Getting Over Him

The Guide to Getting Over Her

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