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Singles in America: Questions on Men vs. Women

Here is some breaking news: most of your notions about singles are wrong. Even if you aren’t married, this holds true. On Feb 2nd, Match.com separates fact from fiction in our second annual “Single in America” study — the largest and most comprehensive look at single life in the U.S. today. With that in mind, our street team pounded the pavement to gather a few opinions prior to our data being released, while we decided to reach out to dating expert K. Aleisha Fetters. We wanted to see if our street team’s findings in the video above were much different from our online expert’s thoughts on a topic that we like to call: Men vs. Women.

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Singles in America: Questions on Love and Relationships

Once again, we picked the brains of American singles for our 2nd annual “Single in America” study. Our freshly painted portrait of the unmarried life continues to expose how the scripts have been flipped when it comes to sex, love and relationships. Plus, this year we included some pretty frisky revelations based on people’s political viewpoints… including which parties’ constituents are more “satisfied.” But you are going to have to sit tight and wait for these juicy revelations.

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4 Ways to Survive a Not-So-Great Date by Whitney Casey

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Let’s face it- no matter where or how you met, there’s always a chance that the first date with someone new could be a dud. Though it may sound defeating, the pros of putting yourself out there and dating vastly outweigh the cons. To make the best of any dull date, use these tips from our relationship expert, Whitney Casey:

1. Bon Appétit!   

Always pick a place where a) you know you love the food, or b) you’ve been dying to check out. That way no matter what the night leads to, you will eat a good meal and/or check that spot off your list of places you’ve wanting to try! You’ll avoid wasting your time and money if you head to a desirable spot. If it isn’t dinner, the same formula fits for coffee, dessert, movies, art exhibits etc. Either revisit some place you already like or check somewhere off your “to do” list. Continue reading

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