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Holidating: ‘Tis The Season to be Single? By Whitney Casey

“Holidating” is an ongoing Match.com blog series focusing on data from a recent Match.com survey on singles and the holiday season. Stay tuned for more posts examining the data in the upcoming week!

tis the season to be single

Unlike one of the most likable holiday movies, Love Actually, this season, singles are admitting that, it is NOT Love, Actually…it is more like the movie, The Breakup. While in 2012, 82% of singles say they were “nice over naughty,” nearly a quarter of singles (24%) admit to breaking up with someone over the holidays. Talk about getting Grinched! Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Zach and Shelley

Being a single father of 3 and living in a community where I thought I knew everybody, I was ready to meet the woman of my dreams.  A friend of mine had met his wife online a few years ago so I said what the heck and I signed up. I met Shelley for the first time in a small coffee shop and it was literally love at first sight.  I was so taken back by her physical beauty and her presence that I could barely speak.  It turned out that we knew a lot of the same people and had many mutual friends.  After our first “date” I thought she wasn’t interested.  I told my mom, she is out of my league.   Continue reading

How to be a Productive Single This Year by Whitney Casey

Sure, you’ve made your resolution to get into shape and channel your inner Gisele/Matthew McConaughey, but did you make any resolutions this year to start dating on the right foot? New Years is a great time for self-improvement, so what better time than now to stop dating your couch and venture into the real dating world! But where does one start on the journey out of singledom? Whitney Casey, our resident relationship guru, has some tips on how to be a productive single this year:


The first step is to start putting yourself out there.  That means joining a new book club or Dodgeball league, flirting with the guy you always see in the elevator, etc. Continue reading

Round Up Links: Holiday Dating Survival Guides

‘Tis the season to be single— if you have the right mindset, that is! Check out some of our favorite “seasonal survival guides” we found across the web, and you might just find flying solo during the holidays is the best way to spread your cheer.

Chatting up that attractive person at a holiday party may be intimidating, so brush up on your holiday social skills in the 5 Ways to Survive the Holiday Season. (Huffington Post) Continue reading

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