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The Sexy New Year’s Eve Dinner Guide by Chef Fabio Viviani

Champagne for two!

For New Year’s Eve (or any special occasion), you and your date don’t always have food and drink first on your mind- its more about the experience and the atmosphere. That being said, just because you stay in for New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean the evening should lack any luster that a night on the town would offer. Think about ambiance (candles, nice place settings, music) and dress your best— the more effort you make into creating the right mood, the more special your date will feel. Here are some tips on creating a relaxed yet impressive date night at home: Continue reading

Eggplant Parmigiana by Chef Fabio Viviani

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Hot Chocolate Tiramisu with Caramel Bacon Sauce by Chef Fabio Viviani

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Rack of Lamb with Red Wine Reduction and Cherries by Chef Fabio Viviani

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Pistachio-Crusted Seabass with Lemon Wine Butter and Basil Salad by Chef Fabio Viviani

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Short Pasta with Clams, Saffron and Winter Squash by Fabio Viviani

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Red Wine Risotto with Pancetta, Walnuts, and Goat Cheese by Chef Fabio Viviani

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Roasted Squash Bowls with Parmesan and Ricotta Filling by Chef Fabio Viviani

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Sweet Chili Salmon Bites by Chef Fabio Viviani

4 Ways to Survive a Not-So-Great Date by Whitney Casey

Find out something interesting about them!

Let’s face it- no matter where or how you met, there’s always a chance that the first date with someone new could be a dud. Though it may sound defeating, the pros of putting yourself out there and dating vastly outweigh the cons. To make the best of any dull date, use these tips from our relationship expert, Whitney Casey:

1. Bon Appétit!   

Always pick a place where a) you know you love the food, or b) you’ve been dying to check out. That way no matter what the night leads to, you will eat a good meal and/or check that spot off your list of places you’ve wanting to try! You’ll avoid wasting your time and money if you head to a desirable spot. If it isn’t dinner, the same formula fits for coffee, dessert, movies, art exhibits etc. Either revisit some place you already like or check somewhere off your “to do” list. Continue reading

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