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Holidating: Holiday Parties- Singles Like To Go, But Hate to Throw!



“Holidating” is an ongoing Match.com blog series focusing on data from a recent Match.com survey on singles and the holiday season. Stay tuned for more posts examining the data in the upcoming week!

Holiday Party

Singles! It is time to be the life of the party… the holiday party, that is. When we asked single men and women across the country to rate their favorite holiday traditions, going to holiday parties ranked high in the minds of singles. However, ask them to throw a holiday party? You’ll find no one on that list!

While being a guest was the best, hosting the holidays ranked last on the list of favorites. In fact, men were more pumped about parties than women! When it comes to a hankering for holiday soirées, our survey showed that 38% of men have fete fever, while only 24% of women are equally as enthusiastic about sharing a room with revelers. Continue reading

Holidating: It’s the Most Romantic Time of the Year by Dr. Justin Garcia

“Holidating” is an ongoing Match.com blog series focusing on data from a recent Match.com survey on singles and the holiday season. Stay tuned for more posts examining the data in the upcoming week!

Romantic Holiday Season

Do you remember your first real kiss? I do. I was in High School. It was a late afternoon in December. Huge snowflakes were descending on New York City, the type that blankets the ground in glittering white. We walked through a local park, passed a tall evergreen wrapped in holiday lights, then sat on a snow-covered bench. She turned and smiled. One of those oversized snowflakes landed on her lip, and I leaned in to kiss her. It was exactly like a scene in a romantic movie. One of those super cheesy movies where one wants to groan and say “Ugh… Seriously?!”.

I think there is something about the holiday season that really does make things seem extra romantic. Perhaps that’s why 82% of Match.com members surveyed said the holidays make them feel more romantic than other times of the year. Maybe it’s all the cheer, festivities, gift giving, a new year and new beginnings, and for some parts of the country those cold snowy nights. All the ingredients for a holiday romance. Continue reading

Match.com Makes Philanthropy Sexy at Singles Stir Events on #GivingTuesday

Amidst the crazy, consumer-driven holiday season, Match.com and Charity: water have teamed up to participate in #givingtuesday, a day meant to raise awareness and funds for charities across the world. In celebration of this philanthropic day, Match.com is hosting 16 Stir events in 14 major cities across the country, where singles will contribute to a great cause through Charity: water.

Charity: water is an organization where 100% of their efforts go towards helping to provide fresh, clean water wells to cities in Ethiopia. Match.com hopes to raise enough through the contributions of their singles at the Stir events to provide a well in Ethiopia (roughly $10,000 U.S. dollars). You can keep up with Match.com singles’ efforts (as well as make a donation yourself) through our campaign page on Charity: water’s website here!

In the upcoming year, Stir by Match.com will continue to partner with other influential charities to provide singles with the chance to meet someone while being a part of a greater cause at the same time. You can find out more about all the Stir events Match.com is offering in your area by signing onto your Match.com account today!

Featured “Sports & Dating” Success Couple: Erin & Jude

As a part of our Sports & Dating feature we’d love to share with you a success story that was made possible by the love of sports throughout the entire relationship. Check out Erin & Jude’s success story below! 

We emailed each other here on Match. Both of our Match.com profiles reflected our love of sports: Jude featured a picture of himself on television as his main profile pictures, and I stated in my profile text that her date “must love sports- even golf!” as my family loves to golf. Within days we started talking on the phone. We decided to go on our first date a week and a half later. On our first date, he picked me up at my house in Batavia, IL and we went out to dinner. Upon his arrival to my house, he didn’t realize I still lived with my parents. So he came up to the door and actually met my parents first!!!! If things could not funnier, after dinner on the way back to my house he got pulled over!!! Continue reading

Match.com Presents: Sports and Dating

Would you date someone who cheered for your team’s biggest rival? How important is it for your match to like sports? Match.com asked over 1,000 singles just how big a role sports (and fandom) play into people’s dating lives, and singles LOVE their sports! Check out how sports stack up in the dating world below:


Click to Enlarge

Political Questions Answered by Singles

There’s no doubt that the 2012 Presidential election is fiercely in full swing, but did you know that a single’s political affiliation speaks volumes in regards to their views on sex and love? Match.com’s Singles in America 2012 study has uncovered which political party’s constituents are doing it more, who’s doing it less, and which ones do it best. We asked a few singles on the streets of Austin, Texas to share their thoughts with us in the video below.

Celebrating National Singles Week: Stir Events by Match.com

Head to a Stir Event for National Singles Week!

National Singles Week kicks off today, and we’re celebrating by heading to a Stir mixer: Events by Match.com for singles! This week alone, Match.com will host over 8,000 singles at one of our 79 scheduled events across the country, in 48 different cities! If you haven’t hit up an event yet, what are you waiting for?

Why Stir Events?Imagine walking into your favorite hot spot, and instead of wondering “who’s available” you know that very instant that everyone there is single and looking to meet someone like you. The events are tailored for singles in varying age ranges, offering a familiar environment with singles much like yourself.

Stir offers all types of events for singles to meet at: anything from a private happy hour in your favorite local bar, to interest-based events like cooking classes and bowling. There are new events being added across the country and fast– by the end of the year, Match will have hosted thousands of events from LA to NYC and everywhere in between!

You can find out more information about Stir Events by Match.com by logging onto your Match.com account today. Events are only offered to subscribers, but some events allow for guests to accompany subscribers (see event info for further details).

Have you attended a Stir Event? Let us know in the comments below!

6 Surprising Facts About Single Moms This Mother’s Day

Calling all hot mamas! In honor of Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, we dove into our Singles in America data to reveal some interesting stats about the women who run the place – Moms! With over 45% of Match.com users having children, we wanted to a closer look at the profile of today’s single mom to better understand their wants, needs and the unique issues they face while dating. Here’s what we found about the modern day single mother:

  • Can’t hold them down: The combined stresses of singledom and parenthood aren’t taking a toll on mom’s attitudes as 78% of single moms were happy with their lives, slightly more than single women without children
  • Relationship, hold the marriage: 1/5 of single moms would not remarry under any circumstance, while 42.4% would consider getting remarried if their child(ren) had built a strong, positive relationship with their partner.
  • Little Cupids: Nearly one third (33.5%) of single moms would let their child set them up on a date.
  • Democratic domestics: A majority (43.4%) of single moms identify as Democrats, while only 24.2% identified as Republicans. Less than the 29.9% responded as Independents.
  • Online (date) shoppers: One fifth of single moms met their most recent date through an online dating site, more than any other place.
  • Dating deal breakers: when considering a committed relationship, a disheveled, unclean appearance (78.6%), laziness (77.8%) and neediness (72.9%) ranked as single moms’ top deal breakers.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there looking for love! Do you find any of these stats surprising? Tell us in the comments below! 

Cities Luckiest in Love in 2011

Kiss me, I’m… from LA? We asked singles around the country about their love lives this past year, and found Irishmen weren’t the only ones with lucky charms in their pockets! Here are the cities that were luckiest in love in 2011, based on our Singles in America study:

Cities that went on the most dates in 2011:

1.     LA/NYC

2.     Phoenix

Cities that had the most committed relationships in 2011:

1.     Detroit

2.     Chicago

Cities that had the most sex in 2011:

1.     NYC

2.     Boston


Was your city lucky in love in 2011? Were you included in the list? Tell us in the comments below!

Myths About Men and Sex Busted From The Singles in America Study

By Dr. Laura Berman,  Sex and Relationship Therapist

The results of the second annual Singles in America study have much to tell us about the current landscape of love and the attitudes of single men and women. As our society changes and evolves, so do the rules of dating and our expectations of happily ever after.

Here are a few of the most interesting and illuminating findings:

Men fall in love at first sight. We tend to think that men are immune to romance and love at first sight, but the study found that men are actually more likely than women to report falling for their partner after just one glance. 30% of men say they have fallen in love at first sight, while only 21% of women report the same. One reason for this is that lust and love are more immediately intertwined for men than they are for women. Men are visual creatures when it comes to sexual attraction, and they are programmed to have a strong, visceral response to mates they find attractive. Continue reading

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