Presents: Boston Dating

From Faneuil to Fenway, Back Bay to Brookline, Singles Dish on Beantown Dating

The city of Boston is known for its history, wealth of knowledge, and young, trendy urbanites, so we wanted to get a pulse on the dating scene to see just what singles are up to in one of America’s oldest (and hippest) cities! We surveyed over 1,000 local singles in Boston, and the results reveal everything from the best local hangouts and the most iconic date spots, to the best looking universities and hottest professional sports teams. Highlights from the survey can be found below!   

  • New York vs. Boston – Foes on the field, teammates in the bedroom?:  When asked to choose, “If you had to date a fan of your favorite team’s rival, which rival team would you prefer he/she be a fan of,” a shocking 31% of men said they would date a New York Yankees fan and 31% of women said they’d  date a New York Jets or Giants fan!
  • Patriots Ranked Sexiest Sports Team: Thanks to hotties like Gronk (we’ll never forget that Body Issue) and Brady, the single ladies have voted the Patriots the hottest professional sports team in Boston (51.5%).  The Bruins took second place (22.2%), the Red Sox stole third (17.4%) and while the Celtics have a great track record on the court, the ladies called foul (8.9%).
  • Singles’ Favorite Dates? Dinner Takes the Cake: Bostonians would much rather keep it simple with dinner and drinks (82%) than make a splash with more unique activities like the world famous Duck Tour (1.2%).  More specifically, Boston singles love taking their dates to hot spots like Eastern Standard (47.5%) and Toro (32.4%).
  • Most Iconic Boston Date: Boston singles say dinner in the North End is the most iconic Beantown date (35.6%).  Others include walks along the Charles River (19.8%) and rooting for the Sox at Fenway (18%).
  • Scene Stealer: The Liberty Hotel stole the show with an overwhelming 67% of singles voting it the best hotel hangout to find a date.  The W (Theater District) and Hotel Commonwealth came in second and third with 12% and 11%, respectively.
  • Bostonian Men Love a Good Southern Belle: While men in Boston prefer a damsel with a Southern accent (44.7%), women in Boston prefer men who rock a Boston accent (36.9%). 
  • Sexiest College Grads – Boston University and Boston College Captured the “Beanpot”: While MIT scholars are most likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize, both men and women said the least sexy singles often graduate from there (5%, 8%).  On the other hand, men think that Boston University girls are the sexiest (38%) and the women love the guys at Boston College (33%).
  • Boston Jargon: While Beantown is known for its many slang words including “wicked,” “packie” and “bubbla,” 72.8% of Boston singles say the word “pissa” is by far the biggest turn off.
  •  No Frills, no Flash!: When asked what kind of car most singles would like to see their date leave the valet in, Boston singles overwhelmingly voted for an Audi (46.9%), with a Ferrari coming in last at only 2.9%.  Toyota Camry and Subaru ranked higher with 15.5% and 13.4%, respectively.

To further celebrate Boston singles, is ramping up its new live events program, The Stir, in Boston with more than 10 events currently planned for singles through November. The new events program, which recently launched nationally, was designed to bring the best parts of the online and offline meeting experience by harnesses the power of’s matching algorithm to bring compatible singles together for live, in-person events. Boston singles can enjoy a wide variety of Stir events such as wine tasting at the Boston Wine School, truffle making at Boston Chocolate Tours and several happy hours at local hot spots including House of Blues and Petit Robert Central by signing up today at

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