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Featured Success Couple: Jeff and Kimberly

Dear Match.com,

Honestly I can’t believe that Jeff & I became connected but I am incredibly happy we did!!! Here’s my story: I subscribed to match.com in June of 2010. When I filled out my profile, I entered 50 miles as the farthest distance, along with my detailed profile… (Jeff lives almost a 100 miles from my doorstep but we’ll get to that!). I went on about 5-6 “first dates,” some nice gentlemen, some not, either way, no matches. I had 2 weeks left on my subscription and was ready to throw in the towel. That morning, I received a “Daily 5” in my inbox. I would always look over them but had NEVER once checked any of the boxes indicating my interest. Well, I saw Jeff’s photo and was VERY taken by it! I proceeded to read his profile and really LIKED what I saw. 🙂 Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Amy and Chad

When people ask where we met I am proud to say “On Match.com.” Yes, it can happen!

Chad and I met at a local Mexican restaurant on a Saturday afternoon for margaritas. I had been on Match off and on for a few years and had met some nice men and even had a couple of relationships. So when I found myself single again I thought I would try Match again. Chad had only been on Match for a month or so. I am actually the one who contacted him first. I had always found that when I did customized searches I found more of the men that interested me. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Ashley and Danny

I found my husband on match and I winked at him. He wrote me back pretty quickly and we emailed back and forth a few times before he asked me out on a date. I really liked that he didn’t delay or drag out the emailing. We went to a cool and classy bar for a drink after work. I knew right away that I liked him a lot. He was different than I was expecting, but I was so glad I had contacted him. After that we only communicated via text or phone calls. After a couple months it was clear we were boyfriend and girl friend and I pretty much wanted to spend all my time with him. A few months later we were talking marriage and living together. Continue reading

Celebrating National Singles Week: Stir Events by Match.com

Head to a Stir Event for National Singles Week!

National Singles Week kicks off today, and we’re celebrating by heading to a Stir mixer: Events by Match.com for singles! This week alone, Match.com will host over 8,000 singles at one of our 79 scheduled events across the country, in 48 different cities! If you haven’t hit up an event yet, what are you waiting for?

Why Stir Events?Imagine walking into your favorite hot spot, and instead of wondering “who’s available” you know that very instant that everyone there is single and looking to meet someone like you. The events are tailored for singles in varying age ranges, offering a familiar environment with singles much like yourself.

Stir offers all types of events for singles to meet at: anything from a private happy hour in your favorite local bar, to interest-based events like cooking classes and bowling. There are new events being added across the country and fast– by the end of the year, Match will have hosted thousands of events from LA to NYC and everywhere in between!

You can find out more information about Stir Events by Match.com by logging onto your Match.com account today. Events are only offered to subscribers, but some events allow for guests to accompany subscribers (see event info for further details).

Have you attended a Stir Event? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Success Couple: Elizabeth and Joel

Joel: I was on the site in Portland before deciding to temporarily move to Phoenix to train for triathlons. A few days after I moved, I switched my profile to the Phoenix area and searched for matches. It was late at night so instead of drafting emails to potential dates, I looked at four people’s profiles that looked interesting and decided I would email them the next morning.

Elizabeth: I was one of four people that Joel wanted to contact. I saw that he looked at my profile and I loved his, so I sent him in email. In that first email, I briefly introduced myself and asked him about “Blue Like Jazz,” a book that he had recently read, which happens to be one of my favorites. Continue reading

“The Insider” Features Celebrities That Have Used Match.com

If you happened to catch The Insider on television last night, you might have seen Match.com’s relationship expert Whitney Casey giving the rundown on why some celebrities have chosen to dabble in online dating- Match.com especially! You can see the clip below:

Would you date a celebrity if they turned out to be an online match? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured Success Couple: Stephanie and Jeff

Stephanie and Jeff

It’s funny how some things work out- I was in the middle of training for my 3rd Ironman triathlon, and was out on the Chicago lakefront path for an 18 miler. Somewhere around mile 15 I saw a tall, good-looking guy stopped at a water fountain and immediately noticed his Ironman tattoo. I made it my mission to catch up with him. We leap-frogged back and forth a bit before stopping at the next water fountain to awkwardly chat. We exchanged stories about triathlon and complained about how hot it was that day, and the entire time I was trying to come up with ways to extend the conversation to give him enough time to ask for my number. Much to my dismay he didn’t! We parted ways that day, and I spent the next few days referring to him as the “cute Ironman that didn’t get my digits.”
Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Amy and Jason

Each Other’s Only Date!

Jason and Amy

After joining Match.com on the exact same day, we found each other on Wednesday, August 4th 2010, and decided to meet in person on August 6th. We were each other’s only date from the website and we cancelled our memberships in less than a week from our join date because we knew we didn’t need to “shop around” anymore.

We both knew very quickly that we were on the right path in every way. Now we look forward to beginning our journey as a married couple and learning more about ourselves and each other as we bring new life into the world.

What made you try online dating?

We have known others who have had success dating online and we both decided to give it a try for similar reasons.

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Featured Success Couple: Sara and Adam

Adam and Sara

I don’t even know where to begin! Never been so happy with someone that I’m STILL in awe! January 4th! I had an amazing man show up on my list of people Match suggested to me as people I might be interested in. So I clicked “yes” to Adam. In hindsight, I had a very big gut feeling that something amazing was going to happen with him. Match had notified him that I was interested. He sent me an email that same day and we have been loving the ride every since! I never believed in Love At First Sight.. but now I do believe in Love Before We Met! After what seemed like forever, Friday, January 13th (of all days!) we met. I never believed how good things could be until I met Adam. We are so confident in our relationship and love and so devoted to each other. We owe it all to Match for giving us the tools to finding each other, finally!


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Featured Success Couple: Kim and Adam

Kim and Adam

Most people don’t even know that Adam and I met online because we both were actually attending the same school. We both were law students at the University of Dayton School of Law, but he was in the class ahead of me and I had never met him. When we first started communicating on Match, he joked that we could have “cut out the middleman” but realistically, our paths might never have crossed otherwise. Continue reading

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