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Featured Success Couple: Beth and Alex

Alex and Beth


How do two technologically impaired people from opposite coasts find each other? Match.com of course! In October of 2010, Alex took the plunge into online dating. Within four hours of searching online, he found Beth, his #1 draft pick. It was love at first click.

On their first date, Alex opened the car door for Beth (seemingly uncommon for west coasters) so Beth was already smitten. What had planned to be just a quick picnic turned into a 5-hour date including a petting zoo and trip to the Berkeley Rose Garden. Alex still claims he hired the musicians who were playing there when they arrived. On the 3rd date, Beth brought over some greasy (gluten-free of course) man-food to Alex’s apartment and they watched the Giants game. Alex and his belly fell in love. Over pupusas, they discussed their future! Things progressed quickly and they moved into a cozy Berkeley bungalow. Continue reading

Round up Links: First Date Edition

We know first dates stir up a lot of emotions. Here are some articles that can steer you in the right direction before, during, and after the big first date.

Before you prepare for a first date, you need to find one. Here are 3 Expert ways to optimize your online dating profile. (TresSugar)

Once you’ve stirred up some interest with your new profile, figure out if he’s LTD (Looking to Date) or PTF (Playing the Field) with this flowchart. (Huffington Post Style)

We know you might be stressed pre-date, so here are 7 ways to relax before a first date. (Glamour Magazine)

You two just had a fantastic first date- make sure you don’t scare your new match away with your Facebook. (YourTango)

If you’ve locked in a second date, plan to spice it up by cooking in! Check out Fabio Viviani’s recipes for an Italian date night full of sexy date food. (Match.com blog)

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