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Myths About Men and Sex Busted From The Singles in America Study

By Dr. Laura Berman,  Sex and Relationship Therapist

The results of the second annual Singles in America study have much to tell us about the current landscape of love and the attitudes of single men and women. As our society changes and evolves, so do the rules of dating and our expectations of happily ever after.

Here are a few of the most interesting and illuminating findings:

Men fall in love at first sight. We tend to think that men are immune to romance and love at first sight, but the study found that men are actually more likely than women to report falling for their partner after just one glance. 30% of men say they have fallen in love at first sight, while only 21% of women report the same. One reason for this is that lust and love are more immediately intertwined for men than they are for women. Men are visual creatures when it comes to sexual attraction, and they are programmed to have a strong, visceral response to mates they find attractive. Continue reading

Money Can’t Buy Love: Singles on the Economy by Dr. Helen Fisher

By Dr. Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist

“I don’t like money actually. But it quiets my nerves,” said heavyweight boxer, Joe Louis. We all like money, for many reasons. But singles today aren’t waiting for a fat wallet to win romance. Indeed, when the 2012 Match.com survey asked over 5,000 Singles in America, “In what ways has the current economic situation affected your dating habits?” 60% of singles chose “My dating habits haven’t been affected by the economy” as their answer. Moreover, when asked whether the down economy had made them more interested in finding someone to share their life with, only 5.7% “strongly agreed” and 13.2% “agreed somewhat;” the rest disagreed or had no opinion.  For singles, it’s business as usual. They seem to understand the old refrain, “money can’t buy love.” Continue reading

Singles are Misunderstood by Dr. Justin R. Garcia

Think singles are a bunch of sad sacks? Think again.

By Dr. Justin R. Garcia

One of my closest friends recently went back on the dating market. In his last relationship, he had been involved with someone for about one year, and then found out his partner was having an affair. She had committed infidelity. They lost too much trust in each other over that ordeal, and although they tried, they were unable to rekindle their flames.

A few days ago this friend and I were talking about some of the challenges of getting back into the dating game. He said one thing in particular that struck me as important to share: “There is nothing wrong with being single… despite my parents constantly inquiring about who I’m dating!” And, he is absolutely correct. At any given time, nearly one-third of the adult US population is single – there is a constant turnover of people going into and coming out of relationships at all times. This is a demographic with the power to shape American culture, swing a presidential election, and change the way we think and operate. Yet, we hold on to a historical legacy, often presuming that single adults should be married, and if they are single too long, we question why. Continue reading

Senior blues? …Think Again! Match.com’s Singles in America Findings on Boomers

By Dr. Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist

Finally, some good news about getting older! Match.com’s second annual Singles in America study, a large-scale investigation of single men and women ages 21 to 65+, busts some engrained myths about aging.  Let’s start with an important detail:  When singles were asked about the percent of times one orgasms with a familiar partner, seniors win. People over 60 are more likely to achieve orgasm 91-100% of the times that they make love. Actually, I’m not surprised. Good sex regularly takes communication and experience, and people over 60 simply have had more practice. These men and women have had their share of one-night stands, of course; 64% of single men and 40% of single women over age 60 have had at least a single one-night encounter. But this group is also the most likely to regard sex within marriage as “very satisfying.” More skilled? Probably. Continue reading

Deal Breakers of Singles in America by Dr. Justin R. Garcia

By Dr. Justin R. Garcia

I was recently watching (and laughing to) past episodes of the TV show 30 Rock. In one of the story lines, Liz Lemon (played by Tina Fey) causes quite a stir with her “Deal-breaker!” catch phrase. It made me wonder: when today’s singles are considering getting into a committed romantic relationship with someone, what sorts of things really would be total deal-breakers? In other words: What are those characteristics that, once revealed, will instantly turn you off? In this year’s Singles in America study commissioned by Match.com, we asked over 5,000 singles just that question. Continue reading

When Democrats Date Republicans: Love or War? By Dr. Helen Fisher

By Dr. Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist

If Republicans and Democrats can’t get along in the government, then they definitely can’t get along in the bedroom, right?  In this second annual Match.com survey of Singles in America, we asked over 5000 single men and women of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, regions of the country, sexual orientations and age cohorts what they “must have” in a partner. We then correlated their “must haves” with their political affiliation— as either a conservative Republican, moderate Republican, moderate Democrat, liberal Democrat, Independent or Libertarian. Wow, are there ever differences! Continue reading

Introducing the Singles in America Study by Match.com

Singles in America, Match.com’s second annual comprehensive study on singles, dives deep into how single men and women — who make up a third of the U.S. adult population — are living and thinking in 2012. Over 5,000 singles participated in the survey, and with questions ranging from “How many times have you had sex in the last 12 months?” to “What are the biggest deal-breakers in a relationship?” the answers are sure to show a new side to singles! Unmarried Americans have a lot to say about everything from politics, sex, love and relationships — and how men and women are matching up in the dating world. Continue reading

Singles in America: Questions on Politics & Sex

There’s no doubt that the 2012 Presidential election cycle is going to be fierce. But did you know that a single person’s political affiliation speaks volumes in regard to their views on sex and love? Match.com’s “Singles in America” study has uncovered which political party’s constituents are doing it more, who’s doing it less, and which ones do it best. Tune in to this site tomorrow, February 2nd when we share our jaw-dropping data. In the meantime, we asked a few of YOU to share your thoughts with us in the video above.


Do you think how someone votes is a reflection of what goes on in the bedroom? Leave your comments below.


Singles in America: Questions on Men vs. Women

Here is some breaking news: most of your notions about singles are wrong. Even if you aren’t married, this holds true. On Feb 2nd, Match.com separates fact from fiction in our second annual “Single in America” study — the largest and most comprehensive look at single life in the U.S. today. With that in mind, our street team pounded the pavement to gather a few opinions prior to our data being released, while we decided to reach out to dating expert K. Aleisha Fetters. We wanted to see if our street team’s findings in the video above were much different from our online expert’s thoughts on a topic that we like to call: Men vs. Women.

Continue reading

Singles in America: Questions on Love and Relationships

Once again, we picked the brains of American singles for our 2nd annual “Single in America” study. Our freshly painted portrait of the unmarried life continues to expose how the scripts have been flipped when it comes to sex, love and relationships. Plus, this year we included some pretty frisky revelations based on people’s political viewpoints… including which parties’ constituents are more “satisfied.” But you are going to have to sit tight and wait for these juicy revelations.

Continue reading

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