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Match.com Presents: Sports and Dating

Would you date someone who cheered for your team’s biggest rival? How important is it for your match to like sports? Match.com asked over 1,000 singles just how big a role sports (and fandom) play into people’s dating lives, and singles LOVE their sports! Check out how sports stack up in the dating world below:


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Whitney Casey’s Girls Guide to Monday Night Football

Come on girl, get into the game!

For a single guy, having a girlfriend is good. Watching Monday Night Football is good. But watching football with your girlfriend? Not always so good–according to some men. I’m Whitney Casey, Match.com‘s relationship expert, and I’m here to ensure you don’t fumble during a game-watching date with your man, whether it’s during Monday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday or Sunday Night Football. Yep, there is that much football to be watched!

So here’s the perfect xo-xo game plan for you ladies during any NFL game on how to watch football with your man- without getting punted. Continue reading

Infographic: NFL Rivalries: Who Goes on More Match.com Dates?

Whose team wins in the dating game?

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