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Featured “Sports & Dating” Success Couple: Erin & Jude

As a part of our Sports & Dating feature we’d love to share with you a success story that was made possible by the love of sports throughout the entire relationship. Check out Erin & Jude’s success story below! 

We emailed each other here on Match. Both of our Match.com profiles reflected our love of sports: Jude featured a picture of himself on television as his main profile pictures, and I stated in my profile text that her date “must love sports- even golf!” as my family loves to golf. Within days we started talking on the phone. We decided to go on our first date a week and a half later. On our first date, he picked me up at my house in Batavia, IL and we went out to dinner. Upon his arrival to my house, he didn’t realize I still lived with my parents. So he came up to the door and actually met my parents first!!!! If things could not funnier, after dinner on the way back to my house he got pulled over!!! Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Marc and Jessica


Love isn’t easy to find. Sure, it’s a big world out there with hundreds of chance encounters and crossed paths every day. But the idea that one of those random people might be the one that you are going to end up spending the rest of your life with… well, that doesn’t seem nearly as likely. Or at least I didn’t think so. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Nina and Jeremy


Thank you Match.com, because of you I met my soul mate, received a kidney transplant, and have an amazingly life!

Jeremy and I were both new to Match. I was skeptical about online dating so I ignored most of the messages I received at first. It was only after Jeremy sent me a second email did I take the time to look at his profile and realized he was interesting. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Kaitlyn and David

After growing up in Portland Oregon for 21 years I decided to move Colorado to get a job with the wilderness program Outward Bound.  I was new to the Boulder area and was honestly just looking for good people to become friends with.  After meeting David on Match, we went out to dinner and have been together ever since. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Rebecca and Eric

In February of 2011, I (Rebecca), was browsing match.com, and I was curious as to whether or not there were any other musicians online. I searched under the keyword “Peabody”, which is where I had gone to school, and only one person came up- Eric. After browsing Eric’s profile, I decided that he probably wasn’t for me, although he was very handsome. He was listed as ‘currently separated’ (strike #1), and he was 2 years younger (strike #2- I ALWAYS date older). Since Peabody is such a small intimate conservatory, I decided to email just to say hello and see if we had any mutual friends. He wrote me back right away, and asked if I’d like to grab a coffee. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Erin and Robert

My mom met her husband on Match. My sister met her husband on Match. As the only single woman left in my family, I signed up and started looking. I mean, it worked for all the other women in my family! My mom and my sister both got married to their Match.com men (one in 2000, one in 2008). My mom was engaged to her match after three weeks! Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Zach and Shelley

Being a single father of 3 and living in a community where I thought I knew everybody, I was ready to meet the woman of my dreams.  A friend of mine had met his wife online a few years ago so I said what the heck and I signed up. I met Shelley for the first time in a small coffee shop and it was literally love at first sight.  I was so taken back by her physical beauty and her presence that I could barely speak.  It turned out that we knew a lot of the same people and had many mutual friends.  After our first “date” I thought she wasn’t interested.  I told my mom, she is out of my league.   Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Kristin and Matthew

Kristin and Matthew

Dear Match.com,
I wanted to write to you to tell you to try to be a little less great in the future.

About 4 years ago, in an effort to help my oldest sister find love, I agreed to try online dating with her. We both signed up for another harmony site. My sister was told that she was one of the people for whom they could not find a match…I was apparently best suited for 35 year old men who were 5’6″ (I was 23 at the time and 5’10” without shoes). Our initial online dating experiences were incredibly disappointing.

Over the year that followed, my sister began experimenting with OKCupid, never connecting with anyone enough to want to meet in person. Meanwhile, I kissed a bunch of frogs that I met on a “fishy” site. I even started a blog to talk about my dating failures and the frogs I encountered. It was called “Adventures in Dating: A Blonde Girl’s Guide to Dating All of the Wrong Men (Or: Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll go drink vodka).” If you want to read some of my horror stories, please feel free: http://www.blonde-girls-guide-to-dating.blogspot.com. My blog had a decent following for a while – I assume because it hit home for so many of my friends. (I stopped writing in it last year – when I no longer needed to keep kissing frogs.) Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Emily and Aaron

We are literally the perfect match! It’s hard to believe our first date was almost three years ago. Aaron sent me the first email while my membership was in submission. I saw a few emails piling up, so I decided to re-sign up for the Match website. As soon as I opened Aaron’s email and checked out his profile, I knew we had a lot in common. Everything he had written about himself was everything I was looking for and I later found out the opposite was true for him with me. Our first date was at a restaurant called Wasabi in Jacksonville, Fl. When I drove up, Aaron was standing outside. I did a drive by and loved what I saw. When we sat down for dinner, we both realized we had a lot in common and spent the whole evening talking, laughing, and enjoying each others company. We both couldn’t wait to see each other again and planned a second date two nights later. Our second date was my 25th birthday and Aaron planned a very romantic dinner. We again spent the evening lost in each other’s words. From then on, we spent most of our time together. Five months later on Valentine’s Day, we went to the Melting Pot (now our annual Valentine’s spot) and Aaron finally confessed his love for me. I had already fallen for him and immediately expressed my love for him. Now, almost three years later, after moving together to Pennsylvania and starting our lives together there, we are engaged and planning our wedding. Thank you match.com for allowing me to meet, fall in love with and marry the man of my dreams!


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Featured Success Couple: Dawn and Charlie

After 16 years of marriage, my husband left me for another man – yes, he was gay. Thankfully, our friendship survived, but obviously the marriage did not. Suddenly, at the age of 39, I was back in the dating game – a place I hadn’t been since my senior year in college. I decided to try online dating, and Match.com seemed like the best fit. Continue reading

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