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Featured Success Couple: Lauren and Ron

We shouldn’t have even met online through match. I was hesitant to try an online dating site, but a friend convinced me to put up a profile. After many emails and winks, I finally received an email from someone that really caught my eye. He had a great sense of humor and seemed extremely genuine. He didn’t show up in any of my match picks, but that was because his age was one year older than my range that I had picked. He happened to notice my picture in the “New to Match” section.  Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Ashley and Danny

I found my husband on match and I winked at him. He wrote me back pretty quickly and we emailed back and forth a few times before he asked me out on a date. I really liked that he didn’t delay or drag out the emailing. We went to a cool and classy bar for a drink after work. I knew right away that I liked him a lot. He was different than I was expecting, but I was so glad I had contacted him. After that we only communicated via text or phone calls. After a couple months it was clear we were boyfriend and girl friend and I pretty much wanted to spend all my time with him. A few months later we were talking marriage and living together. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Erin and Robert

My mom met her husband on Match. My sister met her husband on Match. As the only single woman left in my family, I signed up and started looking. I mean, it worked for all the other women in my family! My mom and my sister both got married to their Match.com men (one in 2000, one in 2008). My mom was engaged to her match after three weeks! Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Zach and Shelley

Being a single father of 3 and living in a community where I thought I knew everybody, I was ready to meet the woman of my dreams.  A friend of mine had met his wife online a few years ago so I said what the heck and I signed up. I met Shelley for the first time in a small coffee shop and it was literally love at first sight.  I was so taken back by her physical beauty and her presence that I could barely speak.  It turned out that we knew a lot of the same people and had many mutual friends.  After our first “date” I thought she wasn’t interested.  I told my mom, she is out of my league.   Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Dave and Christa

I actually saw Dave over five years before I met him on match.com. I was a nurse in the ICU, and he was a doctor. I never said hello because I was too shy, but I thought he was very attractive and had a kind smile.

Five years later and after law school, multiple relationships, and moving to a different city, I decided to take a look at match.com, not knowing what to expect. I at first did not sign up to be a member; I just took a look at singles in my area. And upon perusing through, there he was – Dave’s smiling headshot. I joined instantly, but did not put up a picture. I sent him an email, introducing myself asking him if he would like to go out to dinner.

He didn’t write me back for two weeks. When he did, I was elated. Every time he emailed me, it made my day. On our first date, we both wore the same color blue t-shirts and blue jeans. We were inseparable ever since that day. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Cory and Rachel

I never thought I would ever find that one special woman. When I first met Rachel on match.com, I honestly wasn’t getting my hopes up, but thought how it couldn’t hurt to try. Well, as soon as we began talking on the phone I felt a connection I have NEVER felt with anyone else! The first time we got to meet in person was amazing… one of those moments that are hard to forget. Eventually one date led to another. Before we knew it a year had gone by. In that time we have grown so much closer and I made the decision that I want to be the man in her life. Exactly one year from the time of our first date I asked her to be my wife, which she happily accepted! 🙂 I can’t wait to begin a new chapter with this amazing woman!


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Featured Success Couple: Lindsey and Dan

Lindsey and Dan

He found me and emailed me some form of generic, but sweet “hello.” He seemed interesting, but was way too young for my taste! I was looking for “the one” and in my mind there is no way a 26-year-old dentist could be ready in any capacity for what I was looking for. As a result I wrote back a teasing email giving what I would call a young “puppy” a hard time. I asked why he was “cougar chasing” on match.com. Not knowing me like he does now, he apologized for offending me (and says now that he thought I was bitter and grumpy). After explaining I was teasing, the witty banter began and quickly turned into rapid fire emails. Eventually that turned into long telephone conversations. I am rather cautious and kept fussing about his age, so it took him about 3 weeks to actually take him seriously enough to go on a date. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: David and Meg


David: I was first interested in Meg when I came across her cute pictures and intriguing profile on match.com last summer.

Meg: Any ladies that have tried online dating can relate when I say that it is a bit overwhelming. There are lots of guys out there, but every once in a while someone’s email will catch your eye. Last July, I got an email from David. It was short and sweet, but enough to get me to look at his profile. So, the conversation started…

David: I’m not big on email conversations, so I was a bit disappointed when Meg wanted to keep the emails going for a while and not just take a chance and meet up. But I had a good feeling about her, so I played along and kept the conversation going over email for a couple weeks. Continue reading

Match.com success couple is surprised on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Sarah and Kyle

Sarah and Kyle are a Match.com success couple that was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, October 28th. Kyle brought his girlfriend at the time, Sarah, to a taping of their show to surprise her- with a ring! Match.com heard about Kyle’s plans to propose, and thought we’d give them both a surprise they’d never forget during the show. Here is their story, and you can check out Sarah and Kyle’s appearance on The Ellen Show here!

I’m Kyle, and I am a Marine Corps Officer from Georgia.  I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan for almost 3 years and I had just moved back to the U.S. and was stationed in Camp Pendleton, California in May of 2010.  I really didn’t know anyone in the San Diego area, and I had been single for almost 6 years due to my training and traveling around the world.  So, I decided to try Match.com and put myself out there and pursue the dating world. Continue reading

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