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Match.com’s Singles Study on ABC’s Nightline

In case you missed it, Match.com and Chemistry.com Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Helen Fisher was on ABC’s Nightline discussing the Match.com Singles Study. Click the image below to watch the clip on YouTube and let us know in the comments below what your thoughts were of the segment. Enjoy!

And for a text version, “Single Ladies, Don’t Despair: Men Do Want to Commit.”

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Everything You Think You Know About Singles is Wrong: We separate fact from fiction with the first comprehensive study of singles in America

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As a leader in the online dating industry, Match understands and serves the American single.   And while we ask our members questions, gather feedback, glean insight from their actions on our site and do lots of research, we felt it was time for a more rigorous study that would carefully define exactly who singles are in 2011.  Put aside what you used to think and get ready to have a very different view about the single people in your life.  They’re not who you think they are.

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The Forgotten Sex: Men by Dr. Helen Fisher

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For centuries Americans and people just about everywhere else, have believed a lot of things about women that we now realize aren’t true.  Among them, the credos that a woman’s place is in the home and that aging single women—long called spinsters—are sad misfits.  Decades of marches, articles, books, law suits and national, regional and local discussions have finally uprooted these and many more wrong beliefs about women.  This national survey furthers that cause.   Indeed, it shows that women seek more independence in a partnership than men do.

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