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Featured Success Couple: Heather and Billy


Believe it or not, Billy and I were high school prom dates back in 2002!  While Billy went to a different high school than me, he was a friend of a friend and was a perfect gentleman by agreeing to escort me to my senior prom.  We didn’t know much about each other and never dated after that.   Continue reading

How to be a Productive Single This Year by Whitney Casey

Sure, you’ve made your resolution to get into shape and channel your inner Gisele/Matthew McConaughey, but did you make any resolutions this year to start dating on the right foot? New Years is a great time for self-improvement, so what better time than now to stop dating your couch and venture into the real dating world! But where does one start on the journey out of singledom? Whitney Casey, our resident relationship guru, has some tips on how to be a productive single this year:


The first step is to start putting yourself out there.  That means joining a new book club or Dodgeball league, flirting with the guy you always see in the elevator, etc. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Jennifer and Stephen

Jennifer and Stephen

Steve and I were ‘viewing’ each other on Match when I finally had the nerve to write to him. His profile said that he was Major Healy looking for his Jeanie in a bottle. I thought he meant that he was the nice guy who never gets the girl. (Actually Healy was his last name.) So I wrote to him first and said, ‘I might be your Jeanie, but you need to let me out of this damn bottle to find out!’ He wrote back immediately and said that he liked my sense of humor. (Smart move!)  Continue reading

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