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Featured Success Couple: Rebecca and Eric

In February of 2011, I (Rebecca), was browsing match.com, and I was curious as to whether or not there were any other musicians online. I searched under the keyword “Peabody”, which is where I had gone to school, and only one person came up- Eric. After browsing Eric’s profile, I decided that he probably wasn’t for me, although he was very handsome. He was listed as ‘currently separated’ (strike #1), and he was 2 years younger (strike #2- I ALWAYS date older). Since Peabody is such a small intimate conservatory, I decided to email just to say hello and see if we had any mutual friends. He wrote me back right away, and asked if I’d like to grab a coffee. Continue reading

Featured Success Story: Sarah and John

I’d been on Match for a while and was on my last week of the subscription; I vowed to wink at 10 more people before I gave up. It was John’s first week on Match and he emailed me very soon after I winked at him. Seriously I believe now when people say “they knew this person was the one.” We met up for coffee on an awful, snowy night in Denver and really clicked… he followed up that night which I really liked. No games. From that day on we talked multiple times a day and hung out whenever our schedules allowed. It was just so easy and everything felt so right. We discovered we have one friend in common but would never have met if not for Match. Our love of travel, things to do and where we want to go in life just complimented each other so well. Right before our two-year anniversary John proposed! We plan to get married in Cozumel, Mexico at a resort we stayed at shortly after starting to date and are sooo excited!

What made you try online dating?

I traveled three weeks a month and found whenever I was home I was seeing the same people and doing the same things. I needed to do more “research” since I hadn’t dated anyone in a while. My intentions for Match was to figure out what worked for me or not… and in the end I found my husband!

What was your first date?

We met at a Starbucks for coffee. There was a huge snowstorm and he was sick and we almost canceled… I’m sure glad we didn’t!


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Featured Success Couple: Jennifer and Stephen

Jennifer and Stephen

Steve and I were ‘viewing’ each other on Match when I finally had the nerve to write to him. His profile said that he was Major Healy looking for his Jeanie in a bottle. I thought he meant that he was the nice guy who never gets the girl. (Actually Healy was his last name.) So I wrote to him first and said, ‘I might be your Jeanie, but you need to let me out of this damn bottle to find out!’ He wrote back immediately and said that he liked my sense of humor. (Smart move!)  Continue reading

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