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Featured Success Couple: Amy and Chad

When people ask where we met I am proud to say “On Match.com.” Yes, it can happen!

Chad and I met at a local Mexican restaurant on a Saturday afternoon for margaritas. I had been on Match off and on for a few years and had met some nice men and even had a couple of relationships. So when I found myself single again I thought I would try Match again. Chad had only been on Match for a month or so. I am actually the one who contacted him first. I had always found that when I did customized searches I found more of the men that interested me. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Jenny and John

I was a young professional just starting out in Columbus, OH and after coming out of a few unsuccessful relationships from college I was ready to meet someone completely new. I went out to lunch with a girlfriend who was also single for lunch to catch up. After a few glasses of wine, we joked about how we would be single forever and that we should just start online dating. We came back to my place after lunch and continued to talk about the what-if’s of online dating. I always said “oh, I’ll do that when I’m 35 and desperate” or “I’m 23, I’m too young for that, I’ll just meet someone out at a bar or concert.”

After thinking about it (for an hour), I finally said you know what, I’m going to do it. It’s not easy meeting new people at bars and restaurants. You don’t want to be that person that walks up to someone good looking at a grocery store to get their phone number while they’re trying to buy shredded cheese. Why not weed all the bad ones out and just “try it”? So that day, I filled out the survey and my friend and I laughed at the questions and didn’t take it very seriously at first. After an hour long interrogation of my hopes and aspirations of the man of your dreams… finally… YOUR MATCHES. Continue reading

Featured Success Story: Charlie and Faith

Faith and Charlie

I had been previously married for 16 years and was dealt a devastating blow.  I used match for about a year and had been on plenty of dates but it seemed that I was spinning my wheels and hadn’t found that one special woman to share my life with. I was ready to cancel my subscription and decided to go on one last date thinking it would be fun, but wasn’t expecting a connection until I met Faith. After our first date I knew that we would be great friends and was hoping for more. Luckily for me she was thinking the same thing! We are mirror images of each other. I often tell people that she is the female version of me. Each day we fell more and more in love with each other.  I have never felt so loved and supported in my entire life. Faith is such a joy to be around and  I tell her that she is “my gift from God”. We were engaged after eight months of dating and married almost ten months to the day of our first date. I look forward to each new day with my beautiful bride and I hope everyone can experience the joy that I feel every day. She makes my heart feel easy.  Thank you match!!


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