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6 Surprising Facts About Single Moms This Mother’s Day

Calling all hot mamas! In honor of Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, we dove into our Singles in America data to reveal some interesting stats about the women who run the place – Moms! With over 45% of Match.com users having children, we wanted to a closer look at the profile of today’s single mom to better understand their wants, needs and the unique issues they face while dating. Here’s what we found about the modern day single mother:

  • Can’t hold them down: The combined stresses of singledom and parenthood aren’t taking a toll on mom’s attitudes as 78% of single moms were happy with their lives, slightly more than single women without children
  • Relationship, hold the marriage: 1/5 of single moms would not remarry under any circumstance, while 42.4% would consider getting remarried if their child(ren) had built a strong, positive relationship with their partner.
  • Little Cupids: Nearly one third (33.5%) of single moms would let their child set them up on a date.
  • Democratic domestics: A majority (43.4%) of single moms identify as Democrats, while only 24.2% identified as Republicans. Less than the 29.9% responded as Independents.
  • Online (date) shoppers: One fifth of single moms met their most recent date through an online dating site, more than any other place.
  • Dating deal breakers: when considering a committed relationship, a disheveled, unclean appearance (78.6%), laziness (77.8%) and neediness (72.9%) ranked as single moms’ top deal breakers.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there looking for love! Do you find any of these stats surprising? Tell us in the comments below! 

Dating Tips for Single Parents

Though results from our recent study showed that single parents in the US are dating more (21%) compared to singles without children (16%), we know there are still plenty of reasons why single parents may be hesitant to jump back into the world of dating. Not wanting to your shift focus away from your kids, too many chores to do, too exhausted after working all day… we understand! It’s hard balancing a dating life while raising kids, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the endeavor. In order to help kick your single booty into dating gear, we asked our relationship expert Whitney Casey to share some advice on finding success while dating as a single parent. Continue reading

Single Dad and Love on Match.com

As we posted on Friday, Match.com and the Single Dad make a great couple.

As today is Father’s Day, we wanted to highlight one father who has found his match on Match.com–Jayson who found Heather. Continue reading

Online Dating and the Single Dad – We Like Those Odds!

This Sunday is Father’s Day, a day to celebrate Dad and everything he means to us. It is a day to think about all the things Dad has given us over the years, from teaching us to ride a bicycle, how to barbeque, and tips on relationships and dating.  Sunday as a father means looking back and celebrating (and being celebrated by) your children. Continue reading

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