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Holidating: It’s the Most Romantic Time of the Year by Dr. Justin Garcia

“Holidating” is an ongoing Match.com blog series focusing on data from a recent Match.com survey on singles and the holiday season. Stay tuned for more posts examining the data in the upcoming week!

Romantic Holiday Season

Do you remember your first real kiss? I do. I was in High School. It was a late afternoon in December. Huge snowflakes were descending on New York City, the type that blankets the ground in glittering white. We walked through a local park, passed a tall evergreen wrapped in holiday lights, then sat on a snow-covered bench. She turned and smiled. One of those oversized snowflakes landed on her lip, and I leaned in to kiss her. It was exactly like a scene in a romantic movie. One of those super cheesy movies where one wants to groan and say “Ugh… Seriously?!”.

I think there is something about the holiday season that really does make things seem extra romantic. Perhaps that’s why 82% of Match.com members surveyed said the holidays make them feel more romantic than other times of the year. Maybe it’s all the cheer, festivities, gift giving, a new year and new beginnings, and for some parts of the country those cold snowy nights. All the ingredients for a holiday romance. Continue reading

Round Up Links: Holiday Dating Survival Guides

‘Tis the season to be single— if you have the right mindset, that is! Check out some of our favorite “seasonal survival guides” we found across the web, and you might just find flying solo during the holidays is the best way to spread your cheer.

Chatting up that attractive person at a holiday party may be intimidating, so brush up on your holiday social skills in the 5 Ways to Survive the Holiday Season. (Huffington Post) Continue reading

Whitney Casey’s Holiday Gift Guide for Her

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Whitney Casey’s Holiday Gift Guide for Him

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