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Featured Success Couple: Kaitlyn and David

After growing up in Portland Oregon for 21 years I decided to move Colorado to get a job with the wilderness program Outward Bound.  I was new to the Boulder area and was honestly just looking for good people to become friends with.  After meeting David on Match, we went out to dinner and have been together ever since. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Elizabeth and Joel

Joel: I was on the site in Portland before deciding to temporarily move to Phoenix to train for triathlons. A few days after I moved, I switched my profile to the Phoenix area and searched for matches. It was late at night so instead of drafting emails to potential dates, I looked at four people’s profiles that looked interesting and decided I would email them the next morning.

Elizabeth: I was one of four people that Joel wanted to contact. I saw that he looked at my profile and I loved his, so I sent him in email. In that first email, I briefly introduced myself and asked him about “Blue Like Jazz,” a book that he had recently read, which happens to be one of my favorites. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Heather and Billy


Believe it or not, Billy and I were high school prom dates back in 2002!  While Billy went to a different high school than me, he was a friend of a friend and was a perfect gentleman by agreeing to escort me to my senior prom.  We didn’t know much about each other and never dated after that.   Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Gunnar and Christin

We had both only been on the site for a short while when we connected. We were both giving it a shot to try something new. Let’s face it, you don’t meet your future wife or husband in the grocery store! As much as we’d all like it to be that easy, it’s not. Meeting them in the bar isn’t all that appealing either when you’ve done a little growing up and figured out what you want in life. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Kristin and Matthew

Kristin and Matthew

Dear Match.com,
I wanted to write to you to tell you to try to be a little less great in the future.

About 4 years ago, in an effort to help my oldest sister find love, I agreed to try online dating with her. We both signed up for another harmony site. My sister was told that she was one of the people for whom they could not find a match…I was apparently best suited for 35 year old men who were 5’6″ (I was 23 at the time and 5’10” without shoes). Our initial online dating experiences were incredibly disappointing.

Over the year that followed, my sister began experimenting with OKCupid, never connecting with anyone enough to want to meet in person. Meanwhile, I kissed a bunch of frogs that I met on a “fishy” site. I even started a blog to talk about my dating failures and the frogs I encountered. It was called “Adventures in Dating: A Blonde Girl’s Guide to Dating All of the Wrong Men (Or: Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll go drink vodka).” If you want to read some of my horror stories, please feel free: http://www.blonde-girls-guide-to-dating.blogspot.com. My blog had a decent following for a while – I assume because it hit home for so many of my friends. (I stopped writing in it last year – when I no longer needed to keep kissing frogs.) Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Emily and Aaron

We are literally the perfect match! It’s hard to believe our first date was almost three years ago. Aaron sent me the first email while my membership was in submission. I saw a few emails piling up, so I decided to re-sign up for the Match website. As soon as I opened Aaron’s email and checked out his profile, I knew we had a lot in common. Everything he had written about himself was everything I was looking for and I later found out the opposite was true for him with me. Our first date was at a restaurant called Wasabi in Jacksonville, Fl. When I drove up, Aaron was standing outside. I did a drive by and loved what I saw. When we sat down for dinner, we both realized we had a lot in common and spent the whole evening talking, laughing, and enjoying each others company. We both couldn’t wait to see each other again and planned a second date two nights later. Our second date was my 25th birthday and Aaron planned a very romantic dinner. We again spent the evening lost in each other’s words. From then on, we spent most of our time together. Five months later on Valentine’s Day, we went to the Melting Pot (now our annual Valentine’s spot) and Aaron finally confessed his love for me. I had already fallen for him and immediately expressed my love for him. Now, almost three years later, after moving together to Pennsylvania and starting our lives together there, we are engaged and planning our wedding. Thank you match.com for allowing me to meet, fall in love with and marry the man of my dreams!


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Featured Success Couple: Sam and Katy

Katy and Sam

So about 8 months ago, I was sitting around a campfire with my friends complaining about the fact that there was zero chance of me meeting anyone in my small town. This is when a good friend of mine suggested Match. Of course I thought it was a silly idea and refused to sign up… well, sorta. After a week or two went by I decided to make a free profile just to see who was out there. If I saw some potential matches I’d pay for a few months. Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Sara and Adam

Adam and Sara

I don’t even know where to begin! Never been so happy with someone that I’m STILL in awe! January 4th! I had an amazing man show up on my list of people Match suggested to me as people I might be interested in. So I clicked “yes” to Adam. In hindsight, I had a very big gut feeling that something amazing was going to happen with him. Match had notified him that I was interested. He sent me an email that same day and we have been loving the ride every since! I never believed in Love At First Sight.. but now I do believe in Love Before We Met! After what seemed like forever, Friday, January 13th (of all days!) we met. I never believed how good things could be until I met Adam. We are so confident in our relationship and love and so devoted to each other. We owe it all to Match for giving us the tools to finding each other, finally!


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Featured Success Couple: Becky & Marshall

Becky and Marshall

Because I had been single for several years, I was encouraged by one of my friends to give Match a “go” (I am a 55-year-old grandmother, for crying out loud). I had only been a member for 5 days when one my girlfriends (she was also on Match at the time) noticed Marshall’s picture, read his profile and we both agreed that he had “possibilities”. We both sent him a “wink” (we’re both a little devious) to see to whom he would respond.

After several days, neither of us had heard from him. I, being a little competitive decided to send him an e-mail. I briefly introduced myself, told him that I had “winked” at him earlier, proceeded to tell him that I was both aggressive and obnoxious and that I fully expected him to respond to my “wink” (actually, all I really wanted was to hear from him before my girlfriend did thus, winning our little contest). He responded to my e-mail and did apologize for the delay and explained that he had been traveling for the past week and had erroneously deleted my previous “wink” (yeah, right I thought…). Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Briana, from our radio commercials, and her husband Adam

Briana and Adam

A few weeks ago, the marketing team at Match.com emailed me.  They had seen my success story and wanted to know if I’d be interested in sharing it in a radio commercial.  For those who know me, as a Match.com success story, Broadway actress, and real-life online dating coach, they know I’ll talk about the advantages of online dating to pretty much anyone, anywhere.  Subway platforms, in line at the deli, a beer garden in Brooklyn… wherever I hear questions or doubt about online dating in a stranger’s voice, I swing into action.  Eavesdropping?  Nah. I’m the Zorro of online dating.  I believe in it.  So when Match reached out to me, it made perfect sense for me to continue my regular praise for Match, this time a little more publically- on the air. Continue reading

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