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Featured Success Couple: Heather and Billy


Believe it or not, Billy and I were high school prom dates back in 2002!  While Billy went to a different high school than me, he was a friend of a friend and was a perfect gentleman by agreeing to escort me to my senior prom.  We didn’t know much about each other and never dated after that.   Continue reading

Whitney Casey’s Tips on the Tipsy: Drinking on the first date

You want to seem like yourself, but you want to feel relaxed on a first date- they can be nerve-wracking! So should you order an adult drink, or stick with water on the rocks? On our Facebook page, we asked “Yes or no- do you drink on a first date?” Overwhelmingly, our fans answered yes- so here are some tips on drinking alcohol tastefully on a first date from our relationship expert, Whitney Casey.

Keep your drinks chic: When at a cocktail lounge (not a bar), don’t order a beer. This is a place for cocktails or champagne. Think vodka and mixers at a classy joint.

Brews with the boys: When at a sports bar, don’t order the aforementioned cocktail… stick with a beer. Out of over 3000 respondents on Match.com, the majority said they choose to enjoy a casual beer while on a date, so you’re in good company if you’re a brew lover. Also, wine can be seen as a high maintenance or snooty drink at this venue. Continue reading

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