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The Dateline: Getting to Like You

So you’re past the first date, and you and your match are moving right along into what we at Match.com like to call the “getting to like you” phase. Based on our findings from the Singles in America study, we put together this dating timeline comprised of all the relationship “firsts” and asked singles to weigh in on the results! Check out when they think these dating and relationship monuments should occur below.

$10 Date Ideas for Spring

Are you craving some springtime fun with your match– but strapped for cash? Soak up the sun while still saving some dough with these great date ideas for around $10 bucks or less:

1. Go to something cultural:  An art exhibit, a lecture, a free outdoor concert or book reading/signing are all great, inexpensive ways to have fun while together and channel your inner artsy-side.


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Winter Turn On’s and Turn Off’s

Leave these cozy (but frumpy) boots for the home.

It’s officially the dead of winter, but that doesn’t mean your cold weather style has to be lackluster as well. We asked our Match.com members what winter attire of the opposite sex turns them on, and which garb they should leave in the mud room when heading out on a date. Gents, do you often find yourself growing out your facial scruff from No-shave-mber to mid March? Ladies, can you often be seen tromping through snow in a puff coat that looks like you moonlight as the Abominable Snowman? Find out if your winter-wear trends have you exciting or frightening your dates: Continue reading

Sadie Hawkins Day: Go ahead, ask him out!

You have his interest... now ask the big question!

Ladies, Sadie Hawkins Day is today, November 15th, so why not use this female-empowering holiday as an excuse to ask some lucky guy out? Sadie Hawkins is a day when gals are supposed to take the romantic initiative and invite a guy out on a date… so what are you waiting for?

Out of over 10,000 respondents in a Match.com Happen magazine poll, 42% said “of course they have asked a guy out– It’s the 21st century!” So it is time to join these courageous ladies and make that first move. Here are some tips: Continue reading

Round up Links: First Date Edition

We know first dates stir up a lot of emotions. Here are some articles that can steer you in the right direction before, during, and after the big first date.

Before you prepare for a first date, you need to find one. Here are 3 Expert ways to optimize your online dating profile. (TresSugar)

Once you’ve stirred up some interest with your new profile, figure out if he’s LTD (Looking to Date) or PTF (Playing the Field) with this flowchart. (Huffington Post Style)

We know you might be stressed pre-date, so here are 7 ways to relax before a first date. (Glamour Magazine)

You two just had a fantastic first date- make sure you don’t scare your new match away with your Facebook. (YourTango)

If you’ve locked in a second date, plan to spice it up by cooking in! Check out Fabio Viviani’s recipes for an Italian date night full of sexy date food. (Match.com blog)

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Infographic: NFL Rivalries: Who Goes on More Match.com Dates?

Whose team wins in the dating game?

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