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Holidating: Holiday Parties- Singles Like To Go, But Hate to Throw!



“Holidating” is an ongoing Match.com blog series focusing on data from a recent Match.com survey on singles and the holiday season. Stay tuned for more posts examining the data in the upcoming week!

Holiday Party

Singles! It is time to be the life of the party… the holiday party, that is. When we asked single men and women across the country to rate their favorite holiday traditions, going to holiday parties ranked high in the minds of singles. However, ask them to throw a holiday party? You’ll find no one on that list!

While being a guest was the best, hosting the holidays ranked last on the list of favorites. In fact, men were more pumped about parties than women! When it comes to a hankering for holiday soirées, our survey showed that 38% of men have fete fever, while only 24% of women are equally as enthusiastic about sharing a room with revelers. Continue reading

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