Holidating: ‘Tis The Season to be Single? By Whitney Casey

“Holidating” is an ongoing Match.com blog series focusing on data from a recent Match.com survey on singles and the holiday season. Stay tuned for more posts examining the data in the upcoming week!

tis the season to be single

Unlike one of the most likable holiday movies, Love Actually, this season, singles are admitting that, it is NOT Love, Actually…it is more like the movie, The Breakup. While in 2012, 82% of singles say they were “nice over naughty,” nearly a quarter of singles (24%) admit to breaking up with someone over the holidays. Talk about getting Grinched! Continue reading

Holidating: It’s the Most Romantic Time of the Year by Dr. Justin Garcia

“Holidating” is an ongoing Match.com blog series focusing on data from a recent Match.com survey on singles and the holiday season. Stay tuned for more posts examining the data in the upcoming week!

Romantic Holiday Season

Do you remember your first real kiss? I do. I was in High School. It was a late afternoon in December. Huge snowflakes were descending on New York City, the type that blankets the ground in glittering white. We walked through a local park, passed a tall evergreen wrapped in holiday lights, then sat on a snow-covered bench. She turned and smiled. One of those oversized snowflakes landed on her lip, and I leaned in to kiss her. It was exactly like a scene in a romantic movie. One of those super cheesy movies where one wants to groan and say “Ugh… Seriously?!”.

I think there is something about the holiday season that really does make things seem extra romantic. Perhaps that’s why 82% of Match.com members surveyed said the holidays make them feel more romantic than other times of the year. Maybe it’s all the cheer, festivities, gift giving, a new year and new beginnings, and for some parts of the country those cold snowy nights. All the ingredients for a holiday romance. Continue reading

Match.com Presents: Holidating

Holidating by Match.com

Tis’ the season to be single, and Match.com is celebrating the best time of the year with all-new “Holidating” data. From the most sought-after gift from Santa to the hidden truths on holiday love, we surveyed nearly 1,000 singles to examine the attitudes and dating behaviors during the holiday season. So whether you’re on the naughty or nice list this year, Match.com reveals the stats to measure the pulse of holiday hearts. Check out  the highlights below:

  • Blue Christmas?: 76% of singles have broken up with someone over the holidays.
  • Unflattering Families: 30% of singles have broken up with someone because they were turned off by their family during the holidays
  • New Year, New Love: 64% of singles say their new year’s resolution will be related to finding love.
  • Santa’s List: This year, 82% of singles believed they were nice, while 17% claim they were naughty!
  • Holiday Honey: More men than women have dated someone during the holidays just to have someone to spend it with (14% males vs. 10% females).
  • (Holiday) Party of One: 80% of singles went to a holiday party solo and had a great time over bringing a date.
  • Finicky Females: Nearly 75% of women have been disappointed with a gift from a significant other at least once (versus 47% of men).
  • Best Gift from Santa: Ambition—Both men and women want career-oriented significant others from Santa this year over a hipster, foodie or party person.
  • The Gift of Giving: Singles look forward to gift giving the most (45%), followed by attending holiday parties (31%).
  • Love Actually: 82% of singles say the holidays make them feel more romantic than other times of the year

To kick off the holiday season, Match.com will be diving in to all things “holidating” from a wide variety of experts, so stay tuned for guest posts by bloggers Whitney Casey, relationship expert for Match.com, Dr. Justin Garcia with The Kinsey Institute, Andrew Schrage of Money Crashers, and Kristan Turns of DFW Rescue Me

Match.com and Style For Hire Team up for a Chic Stir Event with First Date Fashion Tips

Last night, Match.com’s Stir events hosted its first ever women-only soiree for stylish single ladies at the Rebecca Taylor store in NYC, where women sipped, noshed, and learned all about the hottest new trends and accessories for perfect first date fashion. Style for Hire, a national network of personal stylists all handpicked by Stacy London of TLC’s “What Not To Wear,” provided stylists to help the ladies choose items that highlight their best features and make a lasting first impression.

So what are the secrets to women’s perfect first date fashion? Style for Hire stylists Samantha Brown and Kim Naci put together a list of 12 styling tips for women when choosing a first date ensemble- see below for slideshow and full interview with the stylists!

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-An interview with Samantha Brown and Kim Naci of Style for Hire-

1. What is the best type of romantic outfit to make a lasting first impression?

Samantha:  The best outfit to wear on a first date is something that you’re completely comfortable in. Show a little skin, but not too much! If you have a favorite color, or one that makes you feel particularly confident, this is the time to wear it.

Kim: A dress. Always a dress. Any season and any time, a dress is the fastest way to make yourself approachable. I don’t care if it has bloodthirsty dragons splayed across the front (a conversation starter, at the very least) a dress is a tease and comes equipped with confidence.

2. What type of date is it “OK” to dress a little casual?

Samantha: You can dress casually for any date that takes place during the day, for a movie, or to an athletic game. If you’re wearing jeans, make sure to pair them with fun or interesting accessories–its good to look like you still made some effort, even if you’re just amping up denim and a casual top. Opt for ballet flats, boots or wedges–stay away from sneakers.

Kim: “A little casual” has many different interpretations. For some, it means downgrading from a heel to a flat. For others, it means (ack!) sweatpants. Men are not complicated. A big turn off is fussiness; too much make-up, hair that can’t be touched or risk getting wet running from the cab to the restaurant. Both put a damper on how the guy imagines the evening will end! If you’re watching a soccer game in the park or going to a beer garden, choose a flat, stylish boot and pair it with tights, a skirt and a soft sweater. Even if the date is a casual, it’s still a DATE.

3. Where and how to find the perfect jeans to fit your body? Can you recommend any faves that are not “mom” jeans?

Samantha: The most flattering denim line that I’ve come across is AG Jeans. I always recommend bringing in multiple styles and sizes–not all jeans are created equal! It’s important to ignore the sizing and purchase the pair with the best fit. Mid-rise, dark wash and boot cut are the most flattering.

Kim: Let me destroy the myth right here. There may not always be a perfect pant. Just like when choosing a mate, the pursuit of perfection is futile. You will have find things you love (“my tush looks amazing in these!”) and things you could do without (“you know, they’ve made tremendous strides in tattoo removal treatments”) in both circumstances. The magic lies in tailoring. If you find a jean that fits perfectly through the leg and thigh but too big at the waist, have your tailor take in the waistband. An easy adjustment. Too much flare at the cuff? Again, a quick trip to the tailor can tone them down.

4. What type of outfit/shirt is seen as too revealing?

Samantha: When dressing for a date, choose one area to show off instead of multiple areas. Stay away from short hemlines and low necklines at the same time. If you feel like you’re self conscious or tugging at your top, its probably too low cut. You always want to leave something to the imagination.

Kim: No crop tops. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Unless it’s 1984 and you’re on stage signing about being “touched for the very first time”, revealing your navel is a no-no.

5. Is a dress/skirt the best option to go with for the first date?

Samantha: If you’re a woman who typically dresses in skirts/dresses, than yes, it’s totally appropriate. A great pair of jeans with heels and a flirty blouse is also a great option. Wear something that shows your personality and that makes you feel confident.

Kim: In the wise words of Diane Von Furstenberg, “Feel like a woman. Wear a dress.”

6. What type of outfit is best to wear when meeting the parents for the first time?

Samantha: What to wear for this important meeting has a lot to do with the location and context of the meeting. If its dinner, you can’t go wrong with a nice sheath dress and accessories that show off your personality. If it’s a more casual setting, trouser jeans and a nice blouse (nothing revealing!) paired with a cute shoe will do the trick.

Kim: Something that looks like you made an effort but did not try too hard. A sweater dress is a flat boot is the right amount of approachability. It says “I’m nurturing and a good listener” but not “I bake apple pies and will be a good surrogate mother to your son.”

7. Are there any rules for wearing color and dating?

Samantha: When you first start dating, you want to show your “true colors” through your personality and not necessarily your wardrobe. Your clothing is a great tool to enhance and set the tone for the type of person you are, just make sure not to overshadow that by having your outfit make more of an impression than your conversation.

Kim: Try to keep brightness around your face. If you want to wear black, make sure the neckline doesn’t come up to your face. Choose a fail-safe neckline, like a V-neck or jewel neck. Add a necklace with a little sparkle. This brings visual interest and youthfulness to your face. If you want to do a bold color, THIS is the season to do it! The jewel tomes are great and can be paired with so many other hues. A bright pink is universally flattering and brings out the natural hue of our cheeks. Like we just emerged from yoga class with Gwyneth and Julianne Moore.

8. What type of outfit can be transitioned from day to night for a date?

Samantha: A great pair of jeans with a silk blouse and a leather jacket can still look very daytime but when the jacket is removed in the evening it can transition easily. Same goes for a graphic t-shirt for day, layered with a well-cut blazer for drinks in the evening. A sparkly necklace or dangling earrings can also make an outfit more evening appropriate.

Kim: A wrap dress is the perfect choice in this circumstance. Switch out your bag for a sexy clutch. Smoke up your eyes or pout out your lips. Already in a fun shoe? Great! If not, throw on a bold color or a snakeskin and strut your way to Date night.

9. Heels or Flats – what is best for a first date?

Samantha: A heel always looks a bit more dressed-up than a pair of flats, not to mention what they do for your posture and leg length. Make sure you choose a pair you can walk and stand in!

Kim: Shoes you can walk in. Him carrying you over a puddle is an act of gallantry; carrying you 12 blocks is torture. Depending on the location of the date, choose a shoe you feel and look good wearing. Designers have begun to listen to women and the cute + comfy shoe has become a reality. Some of my most deceptively comfortable heels are Coclico, Alexander McQueen, Rag & Bone and Kate Spade.

10. How can you look casual but classy in the same look for a date?

Samantha: Mix color and pattern with texture for a well-rounded, thoughtful look. Choose a statement accessory, and stay away from anything oversized to avoid looking sloppy.

Kim: If you’re going short on the bottom (micro mini with heels or boots) pair it with a simple top that’s not too form-fitting, such as a slouchy cashmere sweater. Or if you choose to make cleavage the star of the show, pair it with a trouser or tuxedo pant. Don’t overdo a bold lip by piling on necklaces / earrings. Let your lip color be your accessory.

11. Are there any rules for dressing according to your body type?

Samantha: Yes, like: You always want to feel at ease on a date, so avoid anything that doesn’t fit perfectly.

Kim: Simple formulas apply. At Style For Hire, we have been trained in both the art and science of styling. Creating a silhouette that enhances and draws attention to our best features. Smaller on top? Bring on the one-shoulder blouses. Smaller on the bottom? Twirl around in a flirty full skirt!

12. What’s your perfect first date outfit? Which celebrity character got it right based on a movie that you’ve seen?

Samantha: A perfect first date outfit is something that you put on and feel instantly beautiful and confident in. Choose a color palette that highlights your hair and eye color, keep the makeup soft and natural, and don’t wear anything that could have a wardrobe malfunction.

Kim: For some inexplicable reason, the only thing I’m seeing in my brain is an outfit SJP wore in a movie I’m embarrassed to admit having seen (not even in a plane!) called “If Lucy Fell.” She wore an A-line cap sleeved sweater dress in a winter blue shade. It was mohair, which is why I liked it so much. It was begging to be touched. The belt, I could have lived without. (Please…oh please don’t look at the rating this film scored on RottenTomatoes.com). I’d like to redeem myself – mildy – with another SJP feature in which the entire film was based on dates. Narciso Rodriguez was the costume director for “Failure to Launch” and choose the perfect outfits as the relationship escalated. Starting with a blush-toned dress in the early stages. Gearing up to a casual but fitted shirt (inarguably perfected by James Pearse) during casual dates with friends and swooping in with a sexy cocktail dress at the height of romance.

To learn more about other Stir events in your area, sign on to Match.com today!

To find out more about Style for Hire, visit their website here.

Match.com Makes Philanthropy Sexy at Singles Stir Events on #GivingTuesday

Amidst the crazy, consumer-driven holiday season, Match.com and Charity: water have teamed up to participate in #givingtuesday, a day meant to raise awareness and funds for charities across the world. In celebration of this philanthropic day, Match.com is hosting 16 Stir events in 14 major cities across the country, where singles will contribute to a great cause through Charity: water.

Charity: water is an organization where 100% of their efforts go towards helping to provide fresh, clean water wells to cities in Ethiopia. Match.com hopes to raise enough through the contributions of their singles at the Stir events to provide a well in Ethiopia (roughly $10,000 U.S. dollars). You can keep up with Match.com singles’ efforts (as well as make a donation yourself) through our campaign page on Charity: water’s website here!

In the upcoming year, Stir by Match.com will continue to partner with other influential charities to provide singles with the chance to meet someone while being a part of a greater cause at the same time. You can find out more about all the Stir events Match.com is offering in your area by signing onto your Match.com account today!

Featured Success Couple: Jeff and Kimberly

Dear Match.com,

Honestly I can’t believe that Jeff & I became connected but I am incredibly happy we did!!! Here’s my story: I subscribed to match.com in June of 2010. When I filled out my profile, I entered 50 miles as the farthest distance, along with my detailed profile… (Jeff lives almost a 100 miles from my doorstep but we’ll get to that!). I went on about 5-6 “first dates,” some nice gentlemen, some not, either way, no matches. I had 2 weeks left on my subscription and was ready to throw in the towel. That morning, I received a “Daily 5” in my inbox. I would always look over them but had NEVER once checked any of the boxes indicating my interest. Well, I saw Jeff’s photo and was VERY taken by it! I proceeded to read his profile and really LIKED what I saw. 🙂 Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Lacie and Ellis


I always said, “Those dating sites are stupid. Who needs those things?” Laughed every time I saw the commercial.

I had just moved back to my hometown in Mississippi. I didn’t know anyone after being away for a few years. Out of boredom, I suddenly had the urge to give the free trial a run and see how it went for me on match.com. I really didn’t have any hopes to meet anyone but during the free trial, you only get so many features for free. No way was I paying to meet someone online. That’s what I thought. I’d met only about 2 people and in my first week something told me to just buy a month membership, what would it hurt. So, I did. I kept coming across this one profile. Of course I’d read it a few times and move on because he lived too far away, but something always drew me back there. A few days in, I received a wink from that somewhat intriguing person and thought, “Ya know what, I’ll wink back just to see what happens next”. Continue reading

Featured “Sports & Dating” Success Couple: Erin & Jude

As a part of our Sports & Dating feature we’d love to share with you a success story that was made possible by the love of sports throughout the entire relationship. Check out Erin & Jude’s success story below! 

We emailed each other here on Match. Both of our Match.com profiles reflected our love of sports: Jude featured a picture of himself on television as his main profile pictures, and I stated in my profile text that her date “must love sports- even golf!” as my family loves to golf. Within days we started talking on the phone. We decided to go on our first date a week and a half later. On our first date, he picked me up at my house in Batavia, IL and we went out to dinner. Upon his arrival to my house, he didn’t realize I still lived with my parents. So he came up to the door and actually met my parents first!!!! If things could not funnier, after dinner on the way back to my house he got pulled over!!! Continue reading

Featured Success Couple: Marc and Jessica


Love isn’t easy to find. Sure, it’s a big world out there with hundreds of chance encounters and crossed paths every day. But the idea that one of those random people might be the one that you are going to end up spending the rest of your life with… well, that doesn’t seem nearly as likely. Or at least I didn’t think so. Continue reading

Match.com Presents: Sports and Dating

Would you date someone who cheered for your team’s biggest rival? How important is it for your match to like sports? Match.com asked over 1,000 singles just how big a role sports (and fandom) play into people’s dating lives, and singles LOVE their sports! Check out how sports stack up in the dating world below:


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