Featured Success Couple: Hadley and Andy

Hadley and Andy Match.com Success Couple

We had our first date at Alivia’s (our rehearsal dinner location), and spent time together every single day after that. Our dogs met on our second date which would have been a deal breaker if they didn’t get along.

Engagement story: We LOVE Hall and Oates. Its kind of our thing. “Our” song is Hall and Oates, “You make my dreams come true.” We also LOVE the American Tobacco Campus and the old water tower, especially in the winter when it has been decked out with Christmas lights. So, Andy surprised me with an early Christmas present to see Hall and Oates at the DPAC! After an amazing show, we had drinks at Tyler’s, then he suggested we go walk and look at the lights. We walked under the water tower, paused, and he started a very sweet speech that included: You make my dreams come true, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the most amazing night of our lives (second to our wedding)!! It was a total surprise! I had NO idea it was coming! At our wedding, we walked out of the ceremony to “Our” song—You make my dreams. It was the perfect ending to the perfect ceremony.

Now, we are very happily married. We have 2 dogs: Tucker and Foster; and 3 chickens :). We still are a little bit disgusted that we married our biggest rivals, but we are working through it. Haha.


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