Featured Success Couple: Jeff and Kimberly

Dear Match.com,

Honestly I can’t believe that Jeff & I became connected but I am incredibly happy we did!!! Here’s my story: I subscribed to match.com in June of 2010. When I filled out my profile, I entered 50 miles as the farthest distance, along with my detailed profile… (Jeff lives almost a 100 miles from my doorstep but we’ll get to that!). I went on about 5-6 “first dates,” some nice gentlemen, some not, either way, no matches. I had 2 weeks left on my subscription and was ready to throw in the towel. That morning, I received a “Daily 5” in my inbox. I would always look over them but had NEVER once checked any of the boxes indicating my interest. Well, I saw Jeff’s photo and was VERY taken by it! I proceeded to read his profile and really LIKED what I saw. 🙂

So…. I worked up some courage and checked the box saying interested! The next morning I received an email from Match.com saying Jeff had responded to my notice. We corresponded for a while then Jeff asked me out for our first date. Now, remember we live 100 miles apart. So we met in the middle at (don’t laugh) a truck stop… yes! I said a truck stop! Ok you’re allowed to laugh- we have, many times and our friends & family loves our story about it! It was the only place, as Illinois has a lot of fields between towns. Anyways, back to the story…. We met at the Petro truck stop, talked for a bit then off to dinner at an Italian restaurant, then to have drinks & watch a band play. We hit it off right away! From that moment on we have had the BEST time of our lives! We dated for almost 2 years & just knew we were a MATCH :). The “miles” seem like yards now; the distance wasn’t an issue at all! I’m SO thankful he was willing to go the extra miles!! Some how the chain of events worked for us!  Accident? I don’t believe so… Luck? Maybe… But one thing I know for sure is if I didn’t get on Match.com I wouldn’t of met my Match -Jeff!!

Jeff asked me to marry him while we were on vacation in Mexico May 18th 2012!!! We were just married October 20,2012 and had our reception at THAT Italian restaurant. THANK YOU Match.com for bringing us together! Couldn’t have done it with out you!


Read more of Kimberly and Jeff’s Match.com Success Story on our Success Site here! 

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  1. alberta
    Posted November 26, 2012 at 5:32 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hey this profile of the both of them is sweet i hope that they have a great long life best wishes to the both very happy and great job match . com.

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