Featured “Sports & Dating” Success Couple: Erin & Jude

As a part of our Sports & Dating feature we’d love to share with you a success story that was made possible by the love of sports throughout the entire relationship. Check out Erin & Jude’s success story below! 

We emailed each other here on Match. Both of our Match.com profiles reflected our love of sports: Jude featured a picture of himself on television as his main profile pictures, and I stated in my profile text that her date “must love sports- even golf!” as my family loves to golf. Within days we started talking on the phone. We decided to go on our first date a week and a half later. On our first date, he picked me up at my house in Batavia, IL and we went out to dinner. Upon his arrival to my house, he didn’t realize I still lived with my parents. So he came up to the door and actually met my parents first!!!! If things could not funnier, after dinner on the way back to my house he got pulled over!!!

Obviously Jude thought we were never going to see each other again, so he walked me up to the door and gave me a quick awkward kiss. I’m sure he thought…well I screwed that one up. Little did he know, I thought it was the funniest, best date of my life. I could not go without minutes after the date to text him. Since then we were inseparable. On our second date, we went bowling where our competitive sides really came out!

We spent the next year traveling over an hour to see each other. At the time, Jude worked as a sports anchor and field reporter in Illinois, and I (Erin) am a cheerleading coach and a P.E. major about an hour away. It was very hard to make time for each other! I spent EVERY weekend driving up to see him and watch him anchor his tv show while he spent EVERY day off coming down to see me after my school day 🙂 November 2011 Jude was offered a sports anchor job up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He asked me to come with and I knew I couldn’t live without him. So I decided to leave my job and my family and move up to Green Bay with him. A month later we were engaged!!! 🙂 We were married Friday July 13th, 2012. I know, I know Friday the 13th….but our awkward funny start NEEDS to end with a hilarious ending. It was our lucky day 🙂 🙂

Read more of Erin & Jude’s story on our Match.com success site!

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