Featured Success Couple: Mike and Sara

Three sisters, three marriages from Match!

This is a great story about 3 sisters.  The oldest sister was divorced with three children and looking to start her life over.  She went to match.com and with months she had met a man with 3 kids of his own.  The relationships progressed quickly and within 6 months of the first email they were getting married.  Brady Bunch anyone??  With the success she had, she decided that she needed to get her two younger sisters to get on match too.  When the oldest sister was engaged she realized that she didn’t need her account anymore and it still had a couple months left on it so she gave it to one of her little sisters to use.  Her fiancé gave his account to her other sister.  Since they had seen their sister find love they decided to give it a try.  One sister quickly found a man that she started dating.  The relationship turned exclusive and they were engaged after 6 months of dating and married 3 months after that. The other, my soon to be wife, started emailing one man, me, and going on dates with lots of others.  I was slow on asking her out, but the emails were great.  After about a month and a half of emails I asked her out and we went on our first date, then a second, then a third.  After a month of dating we were exclusive.  Another month and I told her I loved her.  She loved me back.  A few more months and I proposed.  She gave me a quick answer back.  She said yes.  We would have got married a little sooner, but since her sister was engaged first we decided to wait.  They got married in April, us in May.  And everything is great for all of us.  We are all so grateful for Match.com.  Without it we would have never met each other and found such happiness.  So there you have it.  Three sisters finding love on match.com and getting married in a 7 month period.  Seems like a commercial to me, haha!

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