Featured Success Couple: Lisa & Roger

“Back to the beach”

Our story begins in July of 2009. I was just divorced, working a full time job during the week and going out with friends on the weekend. After a few months, it got old, seeing the same people out on the weekend, who were mostly guys that wanted to have fun but no commitments or a relationship. By the summer of 2009, I decided to join match.com. I figured I would do it for a month and see what would happen. To be honest, I figured if I couldn’t find a man to have a serious relationship with I was fine with just a few dinners out. I figured a few dinners would be the equivalent of paying for the money I put into being a member of match for a month. I also was hoping that if a guy would spend money and go on this site, he probably would be more likely to be looking for a relationship.

I decided I wouldn’t write guys, just wink at them if I found them interesting and attractive. I would never make the first move; I guess you can say that’s where I’m old fashioned. Right away, I started emailing back and forth with a few guys, exchanged phone numbers, but nothing the first few days. About the fifth day on it, I saw a guy that looked attractive, I liked his story, he lived about 30 minutes away and he was wearing a NY Giants hat in his profile picture. Being born and raised in New Jersey and a big NY Giants fan, I decided to wink at him. Within a few hours, he started writing me. We wrote back and forth for about three days and then we exchanged phone numbers. I loved coming home and logging on to match to see if he wrote, and he usually always did.

The day he called, I was so nervous, but the conversation was just amazing. He asked me right away on a date to a nice restaurant in town. We set the time and day on the call. I got off the phone with him and told my friend “I think I am in love…”

The day of our date, I was so nervous. He met me after work and we went to this restaurant. We had a wonderful time. After dinner, he took me to the beach. We sat on a swing there where we got to know each other more and he told me he loved me. I knew to myself that I really liked him, but figured he was just saying that he loved me of course. After the beach we said goodbye and went home.

The days going forward we spoke on the phone, texted and he asked me for another date the next day. We didn’t spend many days apart after that. Before I knew it I was moving in and 8 months after our first date, he took me back to the beach and proposed to me.

We just got married this past May and it was the most amazing day ever. Roger is such a wonderful man and I have found my soul mate. I am so blessed to have him in my life and I so thankful I joined match.com.


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