Featured Success Couple: Beth and Chase

“We outlasted the restaurant!”

My name is Beth Samonski and I joined match.com one year after I moved to Dallas from Chicago in December of 2009. It’s hard to meet people when you are starting fresh in a new city, and I knew hanging out at the bars wasn’t working. I signed up for the special “buy six months, get six months free” being pessimistic about my chances. Within the first week I was on Match, Chase found me. We met a week later at Cuba Libre in Dallas and have been inseparable ever since. We’ve even outlasted the restaurant we had out first date in! Match allowed me to in a way “pre-screen” people before I met them. By our first date I already knew we had a lot in common.

Chase proposed this past February, and we are getting married October 1, 2011 in Dallas. I am so lucky to have found someone that balances me and really is a partner and a best friend. Whenever anyone asks how we met I am not ashamed to tell them Match.com. I even got a co-worker’s mom on the site!

I got an email from Match a month or two after Chase and I met asking if we wanted to be in an article in the Dallas newspaper. We didn’t respond since our relationship was fairly new, but now we are ready to share our love story.


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Try Match.com for free today here! 

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