Featured Success Couple: Elizabeth & Mark!

Technology is a wonderful thing!


It wasn’t until I looked through the history of people who had viewed my profile before I saw Mark. I clicked on his page and was happy to find that he was local (who prefers long distance), strikingly handsome (yea ladies), and smart (How can you not love a man getting his PhD?). I was surprised of how quickly I was willing to send him a “wink” and even more surprised to find a “wink” and a message from him within minutes in my inbox. We exchanged a few emails and texts and it wasn’t very long before we planned our very first date in Long Beach that same week. Since our first date, we’ve pretty much been inseparable. I’ve spent the last 7 months laughing, connecting, and putting all my trust in someone who could really be deemed as nothing more than a stranger. Yet every moment feels real and the time we’ve spent together had been nothing short of amazing. Now we often find each other thinking about how crazy is it that we found each other during the short time we were both on match and questioning, “what if we had never met.” We all know that the circumstances in our lives are ever changing and it is unbelievable that I’ve met someone who I truly believe is my soul mate. I’m so lucky to have found Mark; he’s enriched my life in so many ways. What is even more beautiful than that is that in another time, the likelihood of our encountering may have never happened. Needless to say, technology is such a wonderful thing. We love match!

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