Featured Success Couple: Nicole and Stephen!

“Maybe now I can have a chance?”

I was really shy and never really went out to clubs or bars. When I did go out, I never really had the guts to speak to someone I didn’t know. When I graduated college, I decided to give Match.com a try for one month. It turns out that Stephen had signed up to use Match.com for three months, and the month I signed up for was the month he forgot to end his subscription. He winked at me, and I being shy, winked back. Then he sent me a message. We talked through Match.com for a few weeks before we exchanged another method of contact. I had been asked out on a date by another Match.com member when Stephen finally asked me on a date. I actually turned him (Stephen) down and told him we could be friends since I was dating someone else. Well, Stephen and I continued to talk on a daily basis, and one day he asked me how my date had been with the other guy. I told him that it hadn’t gone great, and we’d decided it just wasn’t going to work between us. It was at that moment that Stephen said the words I’ll never forget: “I’m sorry about that. But, maybe now I can have a chance?” Even though I’d turned him down, he still wanted a date. So I agreed and we spent the next six hours talking and learning about each other.

A week later we had our first date at a local restaurant, followed by a movie, and a two hour conversation near a fountain. The agreed short dinner turned into a six hour date.
From then on we were inseparable. We went through a few ups and downs over the next few months. I taught him to take things slowly and enjoy the down time in life, and Stephen taught me how to be more adventurous and that I could do anything I set my mind to. In December of 2008, Stephen ran his first half marathon, and I ran my first 5k. It was something we got to experience together. Two days later Stephen took me back to the restaurant where we had our first date and then to the fountains where we’d talked for hours. It was there that he struggled (due to the 13.1 mile run he’d just recently completed) to his knee and proposed.
We set the date of our wedding for August of 2011 as I was leaving to move two hours away to start graduate school in August 2009. We now see each other every weekend, and speak for a minimum of two hours a day via the phone, while planning our dream wedding.

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