Featured Success Couple: Paulette and Will

Happy, comfortable, and content

I have been pessimistic about dating, boys, and their intentions for, well, my entire life. It had been awhile since I had met anyone that I liked, let alone someone that encompassed qualities that I desired in a man.  I thought it best to continue on my sports-loving path and focus on school, my internship and various work experiences.  My best friend had a Match.com account and, in late May, I decided to start my own little experiment.  I signed up for three months, the time I was going to be visiting my mother for the summer.  My mom lived in Connecticut, where I spent the majority of my time growing up, after being born in Boston and living there for six years.   I initially signed up looking for someone in my area in Connecticut.  After a day or so, I changed my target area to where I live and attend college in North Carolina because I spend the majority of my time down here.

I had only ever had long-distance relationships and I desired a change.  On the second-or-so page of my search, I found a picture of a handsome man who liked to sail (his profile picture was on a sailboat). I love adventure and being outdoors, so I was intrigued.  I continued looking at his profile (we matched in every area but politics, which is definitely acceptable in my book) and at his pictures and fell immediately in love with one in which he had placed Christmas stockings on his feet and hands.  I thought it was so darling and I was excited that he could be silly!  I immediately winked at him (he was only one of about five I sent in total) and he winked back. I e-mailed him and we were in occasional contact over the week. At one point, I did not receive a return e-mail for several days, so I shot a second e-mail and signed it “your favorite, Paulette.” According to William, that was what got him. We continued e-mailing and it progressed to a phone call.

I haven’t been this happy, comfortable or content with anyone in my entire life. I owe my newfound happiness to my best friend and her involvement with Match.com.  Who would have thought that something as seemingly simple as a wink could begin tremendous happiness, and so quickly! We have a lengthy to-do list, which will last us a very long time.  I am more than excited to jump in and take the first chance I have ever taken with my heart in my life.  I have always been very reserved, but something about Will made me come out of my shell extremely quickly.  I never believed in soul mates prior to him, but I do now.  You might be questioning why this is the case so quickly, and I’ve never believed in just ‘knowing’ when you meet that special someone, but I know.  I am very much in love with William. I know I’m elated and constantly have a huge smile on my face when I’m with him and talking on the phone with him.  Even something as small as a text from Will is enough to make my terrible day incredible and make me understand what fate truly is.  My heart feels safe. There is no one I would rather spend every day with than William Christopher! Thank you, Match.com for helping me find the  man of my dreams!

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