Featured Success Couple of the Week: Carl & Darin!

Capitol Hill Couple

Darin & Carl: Together 4 years

“We realized early on that while individually imperfect, our strengths complement one another. Couple that with the love we share…we are twice as strong. But at long last, as the direct result of decades of activism and a groundswell of community support, we feel blessed, grateful and are thoroughly excited to be engaged and preparing for marriage…right here in DC!”

“We’re getting married! We never thought this would be possible but now our time has come. We made this decision to get married after we began seeing progressive steps taken toward marriage equality by the DC City Council. We could have married elsewhere but wanted to wait until it was legally recognized where we lived…where we shared a home together, go out to dinner, go to church, and share our lives with our friends and family.”

Darin testified during the hearings before the DC City Council to help convince our City’s leaders that the time to act was now…the time for equality to love and marry was now. And thankfully, due to all of our continuing pursuits and the countless thousands of others before us, the day has finally come…and same-sex couples can now marry right here in DC.

Carl grew up in Annapolis and had lived in Baltimore while going to Towson University and later the University of Baltimore for his graduate degree. Out his entire adult life, he worked at T. Rowe Price before venturing out to launch his own graphic design firm in Baltimore, Incite Creative, Inc. After a series of longer and shorter relationships he met Darin online at Match.com and began dating shortly thereafter. After two years together and having moved his company to Penn Station area in Baltimore, he moved in with Darin into “their” NE Washington home near Union Station and commutes to work each day. Carl has also volunteered periodically for Moveable Feast since back in 1995 in a professional capacity (graphic design & marketing support), in the class room (working with MICA students to help brand and promote Moveable Feast fund raising activities), in the kitchens (baking cookies and pies), and out on the road (as a rider and fund raiser with Ride for the Feast for four years and once year as crew).

Darin grew just south of DC in Richmond, VA, moving to the nation’s capital in 1983 to attend Howard University where he obtained his bachelors degree in graphic design. Similar to Carl, Darin has been out in life and the workplace ever since he moved to the District. Over the years, Darin’s career in the corporate world transitioned him from graphics to corporate interiors and then into operations management for ACS, a Xerox company, where he has become active in GALAXe Xerox’s LGBTA Employee Caucus. Since meeting and building a life with Carl he feels life is now complete professionally, personally and spiritually.

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