Martha Stewart Singles out CEO Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt, CEO of, recently appeared on the Martha Stewart Show to talk about online dating and’s new survey findings that show the growth in popularity of online dating services.  See the TV clip below!


  1. Posted October 25, 2010 at 8:27 am | Permalink | Reply

    Linda – Definitely sorry to hear about this situation. Someone in Customer Care will reach out to you soon. Once again, our apologies.

  2. readsuremails
    Posted February 5, 2012 at 10:21 am | Permalink | Reply

    I like the match premisis. Being a single dad is tough meeting folks and often very expensive so match offered a great outlet for me to meet someone for my kids and i. I have met someone. I went to cancel my membership on the 2/2/2012 and assumed it was cancelled when they said it was. They said i have till the 4th to use the account since thats when my month was up. Anyways i went on the 5th and saw that it was active i called James H in the kentucky office to help me resolve this he said no it wasnt our mistake that it didnt cancel and that since you used the account on the 4th i cant refund you the money. I told him i was letting folks know that i was getting off match and that it ends today. He then said no i read your emails and thats not what you said. Well now his customer service is horrible and hes snooping in my personal life which i know that match is about its customers privacy and now i know they go through and read our emails all day. I just wanted my refund since i met someone and wasnt going to use the service anymore. So im out here on the internet to let folks know that when you tell James H in Kentucky something hes calling you a liar and reads your emails, and i know Match is not about poor customer service since thier whole premisis is bring happiness to thier customers. I told James H in Kentucky customer service is first in any industry and that you can make a happy returning customer by refunding $38. He said NO im doing my job well someone forgot to tell him customer service is his job…. Would love to return to match if this new relationship doenst work but if the rest of the company is represented by the likes of James H. in the kentucky location you wont see me back on there. I would love to repost a happy ending to this post…but highly unlikely im sure.


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